Content Creation

Content creation is about giving soul to strategy. With the life of content increasingly becoming shorter in today’s never ending stream of digital timelines, it’s imperative for marketers to ensure branded content is effective and relevant.

With an acknowledgement of the power of video, we focus on three methods of effective content creation.

HUMAN Insight inspired content

  • Use real insights to drive and inspire media-agnostic brand content
  • Helps create an emotional connect with your consumers resulting in stronger brand bonds
  • Content which is based on real life stories of real people. Relevant and credible content based on human emotions, human stories and human connect.
  • Content which can inspire future brand strategy based on foundational human truths

Documentary style video content

  • The documentary work done to identify HUMAN Insights can be effectively used as documentary-style branded content
  • In line with current trends for brands to use real life stories to connect with audiences 
  • Authentic and engaging 


  • The first online crowdsourcing portal for video content
  • Access to a community of 1300+ creative filmmakers
  • Investment efficient
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Find out how we can help you create effective and relevant branded content.